BEST MORTGAGE RATES Good or Bad Credit! Public or Private Lenders!

Key Services

  • mortgage broker
    MORTGAGE HELP When a client comes to see a Benson mortgage agent they are essentially making an appointment with over 30 lenders across Canada.
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  • mortgage refinancing
    REFINANCING Mortgage Refinancing is the process that replacement the existing mortgage and/or any other legal claims against the property with a completely new mortgage.
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  • debt consolidation
    DEBT CONSOLIDATION A debt consolidation loan is where one single loan is used to repay all other outstanding debt obligations. 
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  • private investor mortgages
    PRIVATE INVESTORS Benson Mortgages provides private investor's with risk adjusted real estate investments, and average returns above 8% through professional, reliable and trustworthy management
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About Bensons Mortgages

Want a first or second mortgage? Commercial mortgage? Refinancing? To cConsolidate your debt? Call Benson Mortgages at on 416 477 5500 – we are professional mortgage brokers servicing for the GTA.

Benson Mortgages is a full service real estate brokerage that strives to secure competitive mortgage products that are tailored to meet the needs of each client. We process, submit and manage the closing of a client's mortgage from beginning to end. Benson has well established relationships with dozens of mortgage lenders that provides access for our agents to secure the best mortgage rates in the market for our clients.

More than this, Benson appreciates that every client's situation is different. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients in order to place them with the right lender. Our mortgage brokers and agents have saved clients thousands of dollars in both fees and interest rates through this approach. This is why clients choose to work with Benson Mortgages.

Advantages with Benson Mortgages:

  • Access to dozens of private mortgage and institutional lenders through existing relationships
  • Lower mortgage rates for clients through Benson's volume discounts from lenders
  • One-on-one customer care with a dedicated mortgage professional for each client
  • A streamlined mortgage application process that allows clients to close their mortgages faster
  • Overall financial guidance for clients that is unbiased
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My wife and I would like to personally thank you for the quality of service that your company provided during our recent home mortgage refinance. In the past, we had always allowed the bank to renew our mortgage without getting proper service...
Eugene and Ann all
We do private financing
and we're lender too
2nd Mortgages , or first or construction loans
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