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Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and a Lender

As you may know, we at Benson Mortgages are on a mission to make the mortgage industry more accessible than ever before. Over the years, we have seen just how confused some people become at the sheer amount of options and the terminology used so we are trying to reduce the barriers that currently exist.

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APPROVED: 5 Ways to Help the Approval of Your Home

In life, there are certain occasions where our nerves are at their highest point. For most, it starts with exam results, the first job interview, meeting a girlfriend, getting married, and having the first child. After this, the next nerve-jangling event is waiting for approval on your first home as a family. In fact, this process can be stressful regardless of how many homes you have owned.

Should You Choose a Fixed or Variable Mortgage Rate Today

When considering mortgages, it doesn’t take long before the entire process gets confusing, stressful, and exhausting. However, we don’t believe it should be this way which is why we are trying to make the industry more accessible. By providing you and many others with genuinely useful information, you will be in a better position to make good decisions before then passing knowledge on to friends and families. Today, we are addressing one of the biggest questions of them all; fixed or variable rate?

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How to Apply for a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

If you’ve been through the process of bankruptcy, you will know just how damaging it can be for your finances, credit score, and even your confidence within the market. However, damaging the experience is though, there is always a way out and we will try to provide some hope for you today. At Benson Mortgages, we regularly see people who have experienced bankruptcy and we tell them the following when attempting to get a mortgage.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Home

When selling your home, it can be an exciting time but there are a whole host of other emotions that come into play including confusion, stress, determination, etc. In 2017, the housing market can be a tough place in which to operate which is why we have compiled five superb tips here today.

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