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Which Compromises You Should and Shouldn't Make When You Can't Afford Your Dream Home

Most of us have daydreamed at some point about our dream future homes. Perhaps you've even sketched pictures of your observatory and your swimming pool, or perhaps you have a Pinterest board filled with images that inspire you when it comes to interior design.

The problem with these dream future homes though is that they tend to be rather extravagant and thus completely unaffordable. You probably can't have the swimming pool and the five storeys… so instead you'll need to think about the things you really need versus the ones you want and you'll have to consider which of the things you want are the most important to you. Read on and we'll take a look at this compromise process to help you make the right decision.

The Most Important Factors

The very most important factors when it comes to choosing your home are likely not on that Pinterest board. These include things like the location of your property and the price which of course are less easy to compromise and will have perhaps the most impact on your overall experience.

Location is something that you often will have to compromise to a degree and this in itself is a big decision. Do you move to the area you always wanted but live in one of the less pleasant suburbs of that area? Or do you move somewhere a little off the beaten track but at least get better value for your money?

To answer this question you should really think about the way the location is going to affect your lifestyle. Will you be commuting a long way to work? Will you feel in danger travelling? And will you be near to friends and family? Having people around you and having places you like to spend time are usually a lot more important than getting a bigger house or getting one that leaves you with more of your budget.

Likewise things like proximity to shops, available parking and nearby schools should also be taken into account as these are practical points that will affect you every single day.


The size of your property is something that many buyers will often compromise, and this is largely a good place to cut corners. Do you really need all those extra rooms? 'Guest rooms' are pretty much just wasted space and money for much of the year, when you could have lived somewhere with a more impressive looking home and better area instead.

But that said it's also important not to leave yourself so cramped that you can't fit your things in your home or that you're living on top of each other. 

Choosing Between Dream Features

In reality the majority of us won't be able to find a home with all the dream features we want at the price we want. That said though, if you have modest expectations then you can usually aim for a couple of them if you're willing to do a little DIY. Perhaps you've always wanted a home gym – well in that case all you need is one extra room. Always wanted a walk-in wardrobe? Well those don't tend to be too expensive. Choose one thing each that you absolutely must have and you should find you can make that happen.

Shooting for the Stars

And if you still can't find a compromise you're happy with? Don't give up! Speak to more mortgage brokers, keep looking around and try to negotiate prices with sellers. And remember, you can always add some dream features after the fact if they don't come included..