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Top Things to Expect When You Move Into Your First Home

Buying your first home is a truly exciting experience and a great way to invest money and to get onto the property ladder. It makes a ton of sense financially and will give you much more freedom and flexibility in how you live your life.

At the same time though, when you first make the move into a new property you might find that not everything is exactly the way you expected it to be. This is going to be an exciting time, but it will also come with a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and a lot of interesting politics and side effects. Read on to better prepare yourself…


Moving home is a stressful experience, make no mistake. And not only is the financial and practical aspect of it stressful, but you'll also find at first that it can be quite scary simply having the feeling of responsibility that comes with a new home. This is a good stress – a 'eustress' – but you should still expect it to be a while before you start feeling calm about the move.

Likewise you should also bear in mind that your work isn't done as soon as you've moved in. For months you're probably still going to be living out of boxes, you'll still be paying for new furniture, and you'll still be painting skirting boards. This is a long project so if you hoped to be in and settled in a short space of time you might want to moderate your expectations a little. It's also worth noting that tempers may be flared between you and your partner for a while.

A lot of stress is about the way you react to the situation you're in, so try to keep calm, remind yourself that there isn't that much that can go wrong and try to enjoy the process and learn from it.


This also affects your finances in a similar way. Yes, current mortgage rates are generally less than the cost of renting each month and so are probably less than you're currently paying. But that doesn't mean that you're going to have tons of disposable income for the same reasons we discussed about: you're going to be spending a lot of money on other things like new furniture and it will take you a good while to recover from the expense of the move itself.

Relationships and Activities

Owning a house can also change the way you operate in a number of your relationships. Of course this is a cementing experience if you've just moved in with a partner though it can also test you for a little while.

In terms of your friends you can find that the dynamic changes too. If you're the first to get a house you might quickly find yourself being the 'host' to almost every event. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your view, just make sure that your guests are paying their way by bringing food and drink.

You may alternatively find that some of your friends start to view you as more mature and perhaps more dull as a result. You'll probably find that this is true to an extent: once you have a nice home of your own you'll be less inclined to want to go out regularly and you'll probably spend more time happily on the couch with your partner.

You might also find for these reasons that you spend a bit more time with other homeowners. And expect for your conversations to very often be dominated by DIY, mortgages and plumbing!