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Benson Mortgages is your trusted resource for finding you the best financial solution for your commercial space or home ownership goals in Kleinburg, Ontario. Combining 15 years of experience with the lending process with relationships with lenders who offer the lowest rates, we work with you understand your financial situation, and secure you the best rates for your home or commercial property.

Historic Kleinburg offers residents and business owners the opportunity to live and work in a small village along the Humber River, providing residents a small town charm within the historical village, home to the annual Binder Twine festival that attracts over 25,000. Potential homeowners or those looking for commercial space, or those looking into their various financing options in Kleinburg, rely on Benson Mortgages to be their trusted guide to finding them the best rates with flexible payment terms.

Benson Mortgages is a private lender, which means that we have the ability to work with clients in Kleinburg without the restrictions that can be placed on clients by banks and public lending institutions. We can work within the client’s specific financial situation, regardless of credit rating or credit history, to help each client find the best rate for their financial situation and home or commercial property owning goals. We secure rates for our clients that are close to, if not better, than what they would receive through a bank. When you work with us, we make your goals possible.

Benson Mortgages offers the following services for residents and business owners in Kleinburg who are looking into their options for financing a home or commercial property:

Private Mortgages

If you are a first-time home owner or are looking for flexible lending criteria with terms that work for your particular situation, Benson Mortgages can help you find the best solution for your Kleinburg residential property. If you have had a difficult time getting approved for a mortgage by banks or worry that your financial past may affect your chances of owning a great property, talk to us to find our about our flexible options.

Mortgage Renewals and Refinancing

If you are in the position where you would like to consider your options for your commercial property in Kleinburg, Benson Mortgages helps you see all your options for refinancing, repositioning or developing your property. By taking a client-centred approach, we work with unique situations and apply flexible and innovative lending strategies to help your commercial property reach its full potential.

Second or Third Mortgages

Taking time to look into your options for a second or third mortgage with Benson Mortgages will help you come across financial solutions that will allow you to consolidate your debts and pay off any collectors. We work with you and your specific goals to ensure you make smart decisions for the way you manage your finances.

Construction Financing

Are you looking to do a new build, from a small space to a large high rise? A residential or commercial development project requires capital to ensure construction results in quality properties. We help you obtain the funds necessary to push forward small or large construction projects.

Residential & Land Financing

Whether you’re looking to buy a mixed-use property, develop a multi-residential space, or buy vacant land, Benson Mortgages provides Kleinburg residents and business owners with flexible options for the acquisition of land.

Secured Lines

Representatives at Benson Mortgages make property management, real estate development and home or commercial property ownership possible through our relationships with the best lenders in Kleinburg and surrounding areas. We are able to find the best solutions for mergers and acquisitions, and help you streamline financial transactions through secure financial processes.

Benson Mortgage has been serving the Kleinburg area for over 15 years and continues to be an investor in the success of residents and commercial property owners and their goals.

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