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How to Make Your Home Look More Impressive and Expensive

While not everyone wants to spend millions on their home or can afford to do so, none of us really want our guests to know either that we were limited by our budgets. Ideally we'd like people to come and look around our homes and estimate that they must have been much more expensive than they in fact were. This is a great way to move into a new property and then make it look and feel that much more impressive, and at the same time it's a fantastic way to ensure that you get the best possible deal when you sell your home.

But how can you make your home look more valuable than it is? Actually there are a number of methods, so read on and we'll look at what those are…

Making Your Space Look Larger

Expensive properties are almost always larger properties and will tend to have a feeling of being spacious and light rather than cramped and dark. If you can make your rooms larger and more spacious then they will instantly feel like they belong to a more desirable and thus expensive home.

To make a property feel larger there are a few different things you can do. One is to use an 'open-plan' layout, meaning that you'll knock through walls and generally have fewer divisions between rooms. This creates more open space and allows light to travel more freely around your living space.

Light in general is useful for making spaces look larger, so another strategy to use is just to make your property feel lighter: and you can do this by using white and beige colored walls, as well as large windows. If you can't place a window on one wall, try hanging a mirror instead and it will reflect more light around the space.


The items that you fill your home with will also affect the perceived value of that property and visitors will assume that the property must be of a similar value.

Perhaps one of the very best ways to make your items appear more valuable is to simply remove a lot of items to reduce the amount of clutter. This will once again open up more space in your rooms, but further to that it will also make those items you choose to display appear more valuable because they will be less crowded.

And in fact they will be more valuable, because you're likely to keep out only your very best items thereby increasing the overall 'average value' of what's on display.

The Unusual

Something you might not expect is that making your home look unusual through the items on display and the way you lay it out will also make it look more valuable. This works because we automatically assume that things we haven't seen before must necessarily be 'specialist' or premium and that's why we don't have them ourselves.

If you can find an item that is a real novelty then and tie it into your home design, it will make your property appear to be something that your guests have never seen before… and thus they're going to instantly assume that it's more valuable.


The same goes for technology: adding technological bells and whistles to your home will make it seem high tech which will make it seem more valuable. This can be as simple a matter as adding a sauna outside or an automatic garage door that isn't actually that expensive.

Using these tips you can keep your mortgage small and still have a home that looks and feels expensive.