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Are You Ready to Buy a Home With Your Partner?

For many people buying their first home, this will also be the first experience they have of living with someone else. Thus there's a good chance that you'll be buying your first property and moving in with someone for the first time in your life which is just a huge commitment and a huge lifestyle change.

As such you should probably take some time and deliberation before you make up your mind whether this is really a good idea or not. If you're reading this article, then that's a good start!

Read on then and we'll discuss some of the things that might mean you're ready or not ready to move in with your other half. We'll also discuss what you should probably expect from making the move and hopefully you'll be a little better prepared to make this huge decision.

If You Live With Them Already

If you do already live with your partner when you're making this decision then that's great news. This is in fact advisable and something to consider doing first if you currently live apart.

Still though, that's not to say that couples that live together always get it right. If you live with your partner and you find you're unsure whether to buy a home yet then you should definitely hold off for a bit. Don't try to buy a home in a bid to 'fix' your relationship because you will only ever have the opposite effect: buying a home and moving in is actually an incredibly stressful experience and if you don't take this into account you can end up becoming quite unhappy.

Note too that you also need to be in a good position to move in together. Do you both have similar ideas about where you want to live? Do you both have money available – enough to afford the current mortgage rates? Is that likely to change any time soon?

If You Live Apart

If you live apart from your partner meanwhile then you will need to even more carefully consider what it will be like to live together. Really you don't truly know someone until you live with them, so you are going to be taking something of a leap of faith. Good signs though include having been on holiday together and not strangled each other, or having spent a lot of time at one another's house.

You should also make sure once again that you're both in a good position to move in, that you can both afford the mortgage and that you're both aiming towards similar things. While it's fairly normal for one of you to pay a little more owing to differing financial situations, you don't want to be in a situation where one of you feels like they are greatly indebted to the other, or where the other feels they are being taken advantage of.

What to Expect

Before couples get their first home together, they will often assume that it will all be very exciting as they pick out drapes together and get a buzz knowing they now own their own place. This is true to an extent, but don't forget too the stress of moving your belongings, of unpacking the other end, of spending that much money and of sharing with someone who keeps leaving the milk out. There will be disputes so you need to ensure that you've taken your time to get to know the other person, and that you're both in a good place to buy now. Otherwise you might be better waiting until it makes more sense on every level.